Are you over 55 years, have time to pursue your musical interests finally and would like to sing in a choir (again)? We offer two choral groups for women’s voices which practice on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. At present the Wednesday group is somewhat smaller and we are accepting singers only in this group. The choirs are open to all interested women – not only students.

These choirs have a special sound quality: At a certain age, the voice gets deeper giving the deeper ranges a rich and warm sound which is difficult to achieve by a young voice. The broad repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to operettas and popular songs.

In December 2016 two wonderful French works for women’s voices were performed together with a chamber orchestra: the „Messe des pêcheurs de Villerville“ by Gabriel Fauré and the Christmas Oratorio by Marc Antoine Charpentier. In June 2017 the choirs will sing the Carmina Burana in the Golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein.

All interested singers can come to a rehearsal in March 2017.


You can soon view our appearance on TV in the last term here and also view photos of our former projects.


These are our two choirs:


Femmes Vocales - Rehearsals: Tuesday 4:15-5:45 pm


Singing Generations - Rehearsals: Wednesday 4:15-5:45 pm


The choirs are a meeting place for several women above the age of 55 who all have one thing in common: the joy of singing.

In the past academic year, the famous Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was sung. In September 2006, a two-week concert tour to New York, Chicago and Boston was undertaken and, among others, a concert was sung in the St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. In October 2007, the choir sang the opening concert of the festival "Octobre Musicale" in Tunis. In May 2009, a tour took place in Brittany and Paris and in April 2010 the choir undertook a concert tour in Provence singing concerts in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence.

All women’s voices are being accepted and each choir has about 70 singers. All interested singers can come to a rehearsal in March 2017.


Rehearsal Room

All rehearsals take place in the so called "Stöckl"-building at the Campus of the University of Vienna, unless otherwise specified. Here you can find further information.