The Vienna University Choir and Orchestra is a project of the “Innovationszentrum der Universität Wien”, which is a 100% sub company of the Vienna University. The Vienna University supports the project by providing rooms; all other costs such as personnel, scores, hall rent, advertisement and instrument rentals have to be met with other revenues. Therefore a contribution is necessary from each singer.

Choir contribution per semester is 80 €:

  • 50% reduction for students under 27: 40 €
  • 25% reduction for seniors over 65: 60 €

Orchestra musicians have to bring ample expertise and invest a lot of time for practice and hence invest much more individually than a singer. However, the expenses of an orchestra project are much higher compared to a choral project. 

Therefore we have a small orchestra contribution of 20 € per semester which helps us cover certain costs.

New musicians and singers can visit two rehearsals to see if they meet their expectations. Thereafter the respective choir and orchestra contributions have to be provided.