It is also important that our singers can participate in interesting international projects which contribute to their personality development. Therefore, we travel every year on concert tours and have sung concerts in the past in the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Peru, Chile, Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon and throughout Europe and also invited choirs and orchestras from these countries to Vienna.

Concert Tours 2016

Sun. 18th March – Sun. 03rd April:

 Kerala, India (Easter Holidays) - Voice Club
Wed. 04th -Sun. 08th May:

Trieste, Italy - Women’s Choruses

Thu. 12th - Tue. 17th May:

Celleno, Italy - Voice Club

Thu. 26th - Sun. 29th May:

Cracow, Poland - Symphonic Choir, Concert Choir

Fri. 01st - Sun. 17th July: 

Moscow and Cuba (on occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Austria)

Fri. 09th - Do. 15th September:  

Tuscany, Italy - Concerts in Florence, Pistoia and Siena - Women’s Choruses


You don't necessarily have to be an active member to join one of our tours. Please send possible questions to

Past projects

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